"Through the Fire I Walk. From the Ashes I Rise"

Fire Soy Votive Candle

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Element FIRE    

Creativity - Vetiver & Myrrh 
Grounding & Transformative

2.8 oz 

Soy Wax scented with Essential Oils of Vetiver, Myrrh, Cypress, Lavender 
Packaged in reusable glass container made with part recycled glass. Our Soy Wax is grown in the US without pesticides, GMO FREE 

Light your way HOME to YOU one candle at a time …..…..the flame of the candle symbolizes the soul. 

Enjoy this grounding & transformative, rich aromatic blend with Vetiver & Myrrh. 
Vetiver, called the oil of tranquility is blended with the scent of smoky, purifying Myrrh.  
Myrrh is said to relax as well as have a balancing effect on the central nervous system to calm the mind and instill tranquility.  Further Myrrh is known to unite Heaven and Earth in a person, the spiritual with the physical. It is aromatherapy for manifestation of the spiritual in oneself. Said to help the Higher Self manifest and transcend the material. 

Food for Thought:
 While you relax and ground yourself in your body, focus on your inner flame, tap into your own creativity & fire.  Breathe deeply and focus on the affirmation below.  

Affirmation: I am Creator.