"Through the Fire I Walk. From the Ashes I Rise"

Earth Soy Votive Candle

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Element EARTH         
Manifestation of Spirit - Bergamot & Sweet Orange
Uplifting & Sunny 

2.8 oz

Ingredients Soy Wax blended with Essential Oils of Bergamot, Organic Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Organic Lemon & Sweet Marjoram
Packaged in reusable glass container made with part recycled glass. Our Soy Wax is grown in the US without pesticides, GMO FREE

Description: Light your way HOME to YOU one candle at a time …..…..the flame of the candle symbolizes the soul.
Enjoy this uplifting & sunny blend with notes of juicy Organic Sweet Orange, fresh Bergamot & exotic Jasmine. Organic Orange is perceived as uplifting, refreshing & cheering.  Orange is also rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. It is naturally antiseptic. 
Bergamot is naturally antibacterial and it is uplifting yet calming. Meanwhile floral Jasmine inspires confidence, is experienced as emotionally warming and uplifting.  It can aid in restoring confidence and optimism.
Warm and spicy, herbal Sweet Marjoram – brings out hidden strength and endurance, said to act like a second skin. 
Sweet Marjoram has also been praised in aiding calming oversensitivity, easing stress and nervous tension, comforts sad & lonely, helps flow of subtle energy throughout the body.

Food for Thought: While you relax and ground yourself in your body, realize that you are spirit manifest. 
Breathe deeply and focus on the affirmation below. 

Affirmation: I am Spirit Manifest.